Better People Make Better Athletes

5 November 2018

80% Mental 20% Technical/Physical for Athletes

Kids play sports because they are fun, they make friends, they get exercise and because their parents want to get them out of the house. These things alone can be a good enough reason to play however, sports can also magnify life lessons

by Zach Eddinger
21 September 2018


Why does your first born get great grades? Why does your athlete ask if you saw their basket or goal?
I’ll give you a hint: They want to please you.

by Zach Eddinger
14 May 2018

Lions and Tigers and Tryouts - Oh My!

Tryouts season for the majority of soccer clubs start today. Some have already had ID sessions, but clubs are sending invitation letters and signing kids at a rapid pace. I thought about this for a while last night, and decided I wanted to write something about it. ....

by Zach Eddinger
30 April 2018

Emotional Literacy

On Monday night, I saw one of my players who did not attend training, she was working to help her old coach train his younger team. She looked at me as if she had done something wrong and immediately said, “Did XYZ tell you I wasn’t going to be at training?” I didn’t respond quickly and she filled the void. “My iMessage function was not working so I had no way to get in touch with you. So I snapchatted a message to XYZ to tell you…” Me - “Did you try dialing the phone number? You know a phone call…”....

by Zach Eddinger
26 March 2018

Why Building the Person Matters More Than The Athlete (Youth Sports)

FACTS: 57.2% of parents hope their children play in college or go pro (only about 4% of high school athletes play in college, less than 1% go pro). Guess what? They’re all going to go pro at growing up, so what kind of people do we want them to become? If we teach them character – they’ll know grit, determination, resilience, have a growth mindset, courage, care, and gratitude. Do you think it will help them in sports?....

by Zach Eddinger
13 March 2018

Training > Greater

We as parents LOVE games. Our kids love them too. I enjoy watching my kids and I even get yelled at for sideline parenting. Crazy, I know! However I did stop, now I make sure to sit further out from the sideline when I watch my kids play....

by Zach Eddinger
2 March 2018

The Single Best Thing Parents Can Say To Their Player

My son Ethan plays U8 soccer. If I ask him who won the game, he often doesn’t know. What he does talk about is the encouragement his coach provided: “We played well,” or “Coach said we had a tough game, next time we need to improve X, Y & Z.” More than anything else, he enjoys being on the field and having fun. The final score means very little to him right now. ...

by Zach Eddinger
21 February 2018

VALE 3.5 - What programs will we offer

In this environment winning is their marketing and they sacrifice long term growth for short term results. Ultimately putting the here and now over the future. They sacrifice the right decision for the winning decision and ultimately hurt the children in the process. Our setup is going to look like this… ...

by Zach Eddinger
16 February 2018

VALE 3.0 - Why Multi-sport

When we think about our youth we want to protect them. We normally do this by making all of their decisions from a very young age. We decide on what play dates they can go on based on their friends families, we also try to forecast any danger that can occur by going to that child's home. ...

by Zach Eddinger
13 February 2018

VALE 2.0 - Layer on XYZ

We want to create a wow factor! Moments that players and families remember for the rest of their lives. A game is something that we all enjoy and love to play. What does that mean for our players?...

by Zach Eddinger
9 February 2018

VALE 1.0 - The Concept

When building something truly amazing we need to start with the end user, the kids, and begin with the end in mind. If we go back to our 3C model we have a few elements to explore...

by Zach Eddinger
6 February 2018

TOVO Barcelona - Todd Beane

After leaving RCW I knew I wanted to go after the educational aspect of coaching. I was always a player first, I went to school for business management and had no idea how to teach. I didn’t even know what the word PEDAGOGY was. Not knowing where to begin, I started reading and doing research when I came across Todd Beane, owner of TOVO Academy in Sitges Spain, 30 minutes from Barcelona.......

by Zach Eddinger
2 February 2018

Robert C. White & Company

Luke and Zach Eddinger relaunched Robert C. White & Company (RCW) originally founded in 1952 as a residential property management group. We saw a niche out there for helping smaller landlords or accidental landlords and we knew that we wanted to work together......

by Zach Eddinger
30 January 2018

Mom - Part 2…

My mom passing had a profound impact on me. She was an amazing person who always said that God has given us gifts that we must share. Her gift was music, she could play any song on the piano just by looking at it. She would share her talent by volunteering at the local convalescent homes. She would bring her grandchildren there to sit with her so the old folks could watch and shake hands with these innocent young children.....

by Zach Eddinger
26 January 2018

Life Changing Moments…

The morning started like any other day. Kids were up early getting ready for school. Gavin was in 2nd Grade and Ethan was in Kindergarten. I remember this day as clear as can be. I went to the office early to get a head start on my day, I knew I had errands to run during the middle of the day, I also needed to head to my parents to check on my dad, who had just gotten out of the hospital after a head injury.....

by Zach Eddinger
23 January 2018


Now lets go back 3 years – I own a property management company and we are in Florida for a growth and marketing conference....

by Zach Eddinger
17 January 2018

Early years – Eddinger Farm and work ethic

In order to share where we are going we need to start with how we arrived here. I will use these posts to update you on my dream and what I am looking to build that hopefully local children will want to participate in.

by Zach Eddinger