Friday - #getbetterbebetter

Mar 27, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

Get better! Be better!


Yesterday was a day of loan applications.  ALL DAY LONG.  


We all have our weaknesses.  Usually, we try and stay away from things that revolve around our weaknesses because it is hard to succeed.  That was me yesterday. I feel out of my comfort zone when preparing documents for loan applications.


Guess what?  It is okay. If we lean into a growth mindset we can use these opportunities to learn.  That mindset will help us to get the work done rather than shying away from it.


You hear all the time about a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset.


A fixed mindset is when you don’t think you can improve.  I hear my son say all the time, “I can’t.” My response is always, we don’t say that, if you really want to you can get better at everything.  Only you can determine what level of improvement you want.


We want to teach ourselves to have a growth mindset.  The inner confidence that we can improve and get better at anything that we put our minds to.  When we have this mindset we find joy in the improvement rather than the result. The reason it is inner confidence is because only you know if you are doing your best.  


One of my children feels like he has been practicing a lot over the break, in my opinion, he has not trained more than 2 hours.  A different son probably has 6-8 hours of training in and he feels like he hasn’t done enough. This is why your inner voice is so valuable.  What does your best look like and what comes out of that?


When I think about a growth mindset I always reflect back on what the improvement looks like.  Are my documents better today than when I started my first company, are they better than what I did in High School or College?  As you improve you begin to understand there is no BEST, you never get all the way there. The valuable part is the journey and the improvement. 


Use this time to improve!