Monday - Mindset, Mindset, Mindset!

Mar 23, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

Do hard things!  They make us strong!

Let’s talk about MINDSET!  What does that mean? "The established set of attitudes held by someone."

Mindset is everything. Are you a happy person?  Are you a competitor? Are you a hard worker?

We start to formulate our mindset at a young age, often not by what we put into our system on purpose, but instead by what is surrounding us.

As we become purposeful with our actions and what we take in, our mindset grows and continues to take shape.  We can and should be intentional with the information we surround ourselves with and the people we surround ourselves with in order to help our mindset grow in the direction that we want it to.

The brain is a muscle that can be trained.  It is trained by the information that we put into it on a daily basis.  Who we are when things get hard is determined by our mindset.  Who we become during and after those situations is also determined by the mindset that we take in those moments.  This week and the weeks to come, what are we doing to shape our mindset to what we want it to be.


Let’s go about getting better every day.  Let’s feel fulfillment by getting better and improving.  Let’s win the little battles in order to make ourselves into MENTALITY MONSTERS!

Mindset will determine your today and your future.  Take care of it and shape it to be the person you want to become.