Monday - Superman vs. Ricky Cabeza

Mar 30, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger
Superman vs. Ricky Cabeza
When we think about mindfulness we begin to reflect on our inner voice and what it does that forms the decisions we make in everyday life.  In our strongest moments, we make specific decisions and in our weakest moments, our decisions are also formed.  The thing about both of these thought formations is that we can train our brains to get better.
I recently listened to a podcast where the thought leader Ed Mylett was talking to another life coach Mike Bayer.  These two work with top executives and athletes on an everyday basis.  People well on their way to mastery in their craft.  They walked through a simple exercise that can help us to form alter egos to stay away from and aspire to.
Superman is all the best things about us.  He is strong, fast, compassionate, patient…whatever you feel like in your best moments.  Ricky Cabeza is just what it says…the person that we don’t want to look at in the mirror.  He is lazy, unprepared, hurtful and selfish.  Here’s the thing.  If we identify the traits that we exemplify when we are our best self we can push to be that person more often.  TODAY I AM GOING TO BE SUPERMAN or that is something that Ricky Cabeza would do, don’t do that.  
Here is my suggestion.  Create two lists that you name.  The first list is the best version of yourself whether that is a professional athlete or a president of some other combination of people you make up a name.  Now under that person write down the traits you show when you are your best.  This is all the things you want people to say about you and the things you want to be known as.  After you have started creating that list also have a second list with your worst self.  The things you do not like when you do.  Some of these will be the opposite but there should be other traits in there as well.  Add to each list as you think about both sides of you.
When you have built out the list take some time and think about what it looks like on the days that you are the superhero.  What did you do differently?  How did you start that day?  How can you recreate that day?  That will help you to have more of those.  It won’t be perfect but start to internally ask the question am I acting like Superman or Ricky Cabeza.  When you make decisions or work on tasks think about who is doing the work.  Build this inner dialogue to help you on your road to a better you.
I love the idea of training the mind.  I love the idea of building a better me that can serve the people in my stead.  The brain is the most important muscle in our body and we should spend more time working to strengthen it.  
Please feel free to share your list with me.  I enjoy seeing what your superhero looks like!