Monday...Let's Find Routine! (2008 and Older)

Mar 16, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

Covid - 19 is now in full swing.  There is a ton of information out there on what is happening and how it will impact all of us for the time to come.  You may be wondering how this is going to impact you and what you can do to be helpful. As a coach of youth athletes, I wanted to give some attention to how you may be affected and also how you can help.


Today I wanted to share 5 important things to keep doing…

1 - Structure

Here’s the thing.  This is not spring break.  It may feel like it but it isn’t.  The structure you get by going to school 5 days a week, the practices you have each night, the routine that you are forced into is gone.  Your brain is used to that and needs it. The forcing mechanism to move from doing one thing to the next is no longer there. You need that in your life, so build structure into your daily activities and schedule.  

2 - Fitness

As a child, young adult, we don’t recognize how much energy we burn off each day in all of our activities.  The release of energy helps us to stay healthy and happy and we need to continue with it. It can go from playing tag to an outside run to passing a soccer ball or shooting some hoops with a family member.  When you are planning your day, build time in there to get a good sweat going in your body, maybe even a few times each day.

3 - Learning

“If we are not getting better, we are getting worse.”  A lot of the schools have sent home learning packages in order to help you continue to learn while you are away from school.  Remember, this is not a time off from school. Don’t just do the minimum. Think about going above and beyond, what questions would your teachers be asking you about the work that you were doing?  Can you do more, can you do a better job with it? In today’s day we can look up everything on the internet, so go further. Push to take the next step.

4 - Getting Outside

DO NOT SIT INSIDE ON YOUR ELECTRONICS ALL DAY…  Yes, I am talking to you. I know mom and dad are working and it is an excuse to keep you quiet while they have conference calls and work meetings. Instead of that, go outside and use your imagination.  Play in the woods, build a fort, come up with a new game that you can play. Being outside is good for us. The fresh air keeps us healthy.

5 - Being Patient

I see a lot of people posting day 2 or day 3.  They think there is a countdown timer on this. We just got to Monday, the first day with no school.  We do not know how long we will need to be out of schools and work so there's no sense in tracking the time.  

At Wesleyan we say, control what you can control.  In this environment, we can control our feelings and what we are doing to help.  The world is pushing for social distancing, which means staying with your family and not getting together with your peers.  You guys don’t need to make this harder on your parents by asking for playdates and get-togethers. You should practice the same things as they are saying to the adults.  Staying away, for the time being, will hopefully allow us to move beyond this stage of the CoronaVirus sooner.

Finding your routine during this time will break up the day and make it more manageable.  Vale is coming up with fun activities that we can do and share across social media and other outlets to engage with you guys over the next few weeks.  I want you to be willing to ask questions. I will answer any questions you have so feel free to send them to me.