Monday...Let's Find Routine! (Younger Kids)

Mar 16, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

Hey Guys, It's Coach I wanted to share 5 important things to keep doing…

1 - Structure

At your age, everything seems to take a long time.  When we don’t have structure the day may seem like ages.  Make sure you have activities set up that move you from one thing to the next.

2 - Fitness

Run around a lot, get tired and sweaty.  Play fast and for a long time. Tag, sports, tag, more sports.  Chase your siblings, chase your dog. Build a new game that is fun and makes you move.  Have a dance party….2:30 pm DANCE PARTY!!!!

3 - Learning

You are not in school but you still need to learn.  Find a time to limit your distractions. Read a book, do some math.  Figure out how you can use math at home. Maybe you can count some money or measure a room in the house.  Think about what you can do to use the skills you have learned in school.

4 - Getting Outside

Your parents always tell you to go outside.  They aren’t wrong. Going outside is good for you.  The fresh air is good for you and the peace and quiet for your parents will help keep them happy, sooooo go outside.

5 - Being Patient

We are just getting started with our time at home.  Just like parents need to be patient with their kids, the kids need to be patient with their parents.  A lot of parents are doing school for the kids, their work, and all of this is new for them. Let’s be patient with each other.


Vale is finding ways to work with you.  Make funny videos doing funny things, did you see Coach Billy did over 1,000 push-ups yesterday?  What kind of funny video can you do and send to us? We look forward to hearing from you! Email with your videos or any questions you have.