Tuesday - Don't Let The Bad Habits Win!

Apr 7, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

Don’t let your bad habits win!

I have been bad, sleeping in, skipping habits and just not a version of myself that I am proud of.  Is that person bad, No, but they are not someone I am proud to be. I hold myself to a higher standard.  Not just for me but for my family, for my team, for my community.

I could feel sorry for myself with everything going on with the CoronaVirus, heck, Vale has been shut down for weeks and we don’t know when it will re-open.  Guess what, that is out of my control. I can only worry about the things I can control.  

How do I get better today so that I am stronger when we come out of this.  How do I best use this time to support the people that I care about? That is the direction that I will move in today.  I will reaffirm the habits and beliefs in my life.  

The thing about falling down is usually in tough times people stay down.  The best thing for your habits and your growth is to get back up, get back to doing what it is that makes you who you are.  Be the person you want to become. Do the things today that make you better for tomorrow.  

My dream to maximize the potential of our community is still there.  It is still in front of us every day and the steps we take to get there are just as valuable.  Today marks a recommitment to my habits and getting better. Doing this will help me become the person I can be to better support the community we are building!  

I commit to myself so that I can commit to you guys!  I commit to myself to become a leader that our community needs and wants.  Today I get better! 

Let’s crush today, let’s crush tomorrow, let’s crush all the days!