Tuesday - Frankie makes the Blog Post!!!

Mar 31, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

In August we rescued a mini schnauzer.  He had a tough life. He lived in a crate with his alpha brother and never got out.  He didn’t get enough attention, enough food, cleaned up, walked or anything else. He learned to survive and in August we adopted him into our family. We call him Frankie.  

Frankie is a good dog, like most, he craves human attention.  When you have a large family like us, that makes for a happy dog.

The thing I love about Frankie is his energy.  Not when he goes crazy mode, but that he is always excited to see us.  There is optimism every moment that we return and happiness whenever we are around.  Optimism that he will get the attention that he craves.

Optimism is a good thing!  It is a great thing! We need to be optimistic about our future.  We need to be optimistic about success.  

Where does optimism come from?  It comes from having an attitude of gratitude.  It comes from seeing the best in every situation.  

When we talk about the glass being half full vs. half empty we are talking about optimism vs. pessimism.  You can decide, you can train your mind to see the cup half full.  

I think about social media in today’s day and age as a great example of what we choose to learn about and be about.  When you look at your feed, your stream of information.  Is what you are looking at from friends and family and different organizations optimistic about the future?  The information that we take in, creates the flow of thought and consciousness that remunerates in our brain.  

If you are not optimistic about the future and you can’t see the best in the situation something needs to change.  If the people you surround yourself with are always seeing the negatives and not the positives, think about changing what you surround yourself with.  This is not always the popular decision.  We worry about being socially accepted rather than taking care of our mentality.  Remember, we are the sum of the people that we hang out with the most.

Be like Frankie.  Be continuously optimistic.  Have positive energy regardless of the situation!