Tuesday...No Snooze Button - 5 am! (Younger Kids)

Mar 17, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

I woke up at 5 am today.  Did I need to, no, but I did!  Keeping your routine is important and self-care is important.  Wanting to learn and grow is important.

My kids have significantly worse behavior and less attention when they have access to their electronics.  Your parents don’t need to take them away from you for you to understand that their extra screen time is not good for you.

Today I have a challenge for you.  Write a thank-you note. Write a letter to your favorite player.  

Here’s why.  When we do this kind of writing it forces us to think of positives.  What am I grateful for, or how did someone help me out.  This helps me to be in a better frame of mind.

Day one was not easy for anyone, the reason for this is that there are new normals that we are growing into.  New schedules that we are working on with routines and things that we are being asked to do. This is okay and will pass, soon we will fall into that new routine and the time will pass faster.  

Learn today, write today, go out and get better today.  You have the time. When you write about the future, come back to today and do something that is going to help you get there.

Crush the day!