Wednesday - Forget this, Focus instead on this!

Mar 25, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

Forget about this, Focus instead on this…

I like to start my day with reading and podcasts.  I feel like when I learn things I may have a chance to share them with my team later that day or week.  Knowing more will give me more opportunities to help.  

This morning I watched a 30-minute webinar that my brother sent me about running a business in these “scary times.”  The information helps me to think about things differently and specifically what to forget and focus on.

I have taken this information and tailored it specifically from “Strategic Coach” and Dan Sullivan


Change your mindset.


Forget about yourself; focus on others.

  • How can you help, what do people need?

Forget about your difficulties; focus on your progress.

  • What have you improved on at this time?

Forget about the “future”; focus on today.

  • Make today your masterpiece and you will come out of this stronger and better.

Forget about who you were; focus on who you can be.

  • What habits are you making during this time that will improve you!

Forget about what’s missing; focus on what’s available. 

  • Choose to see the glass half full.

Forget about your complaints; focus on your gratitude.

  • Gratitude helps us to find things to be 


Today is a great day to move your mentality from one point to the next.  What resonates with who you want to become?