Wednesday...GOOD Morning - We Start With GOOD in Mind (Younger)

Mar 18, 2020

 by Zach Eddinger

Good Morning!

Notice how we don’t start the day with” bad morning”, we set out for the day to be good.


What is today going to be like? When we ask the question this way we plan on letting the day happen to us.

Instead, try this ....

What will I accomplish today? We should have an idea for growth every day. We should be intentional with our time and we should set our actions.  

Today I am going to get better!  I am going to be more productive by finishing  ____ tasks.  I am going to spend time on these habits that I want to build and I will be on my phone/electronic less.

I imagine each one of you is spending more time on your screen.  I know I have. I keep going back to social media.

What else can you do to fill that void? How can you get better with your time and what is important today in order to get you closer to the habits and goals?


Here is my challenge for you, instead of picking up your phone/device the next time you want to, find something to help with around the house.  Can you take out the trash? Can you do yard work outside? The people around you do a lot for you every day. How can you repay them today?


At Vale, we start every meeting looking for things to be happy about and get better at. Look for things that are good in your life, how people help you. Then, look for things that you want to get better at.  Once you have done this, go out and get better!


We have more time to improve today.  Are you going to use it wisely?