SUMMER & Fall Youth basketball league

This Summer & Fall Basketball Leagues program is designed to keep players active over the Summer & Fall months and get touches on the ball with training and play competitively in our Vale hosted league. We will be looking to get the most out of all of the players throughout the respective seasons!

Fall basketball tryouts 2021

Tryouts have concluded... if you have questions, please reach out to Ed Battle at or 860.930.8893

Fall Vale Basketball League 2021 FAQ


Who Is This Program Open To? 

Boys & Girls in Grades 4-9 (grade for 2021-22)


When Does the Program Run?

September 12 - October 30


What League Will The Teams Be Participating In?

In-house league. After the tryouts, the coaches will be drafting their teams. The rosters will be announced on August 16th.


Where Will The Program Be Held?

The Summer basketball league will be held at Vale in Middletown. This includes games and practices.


How Will the Teams Be Made?

All players who register will go to a tryout and from there, the coaches will draft their teams. 


When Will The Training Sessions Be?

Any day Monday - Friday between 5-8pm


When Will The Games Be?



What Is The Cost?