VALE Sc soccer tryouts

tryout information:


Boys: Register Here

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Location: Citrin Turf Field at Wesleyan in Middletown, CT

Dates: May 14, 15, 18, 19

Time: Specific schedule will be out shortly

Ages: Boys & Girls born 2012-2004

More details to follow!

  • What is Vale Sports Club?

    Vale is a Soccer Program designed for today’s youth. It focuses on players that are more than just athletes (person > player). It teaches them to be problem solvers, and works on the their character traits. We believe that better people make better athletes. Below is the breakdown of our programs:

  • How is Vale Soccer training different from any other soccer program?

    Vale's training is different as we believe decision making is important. We ask our coaches to incorporate cognition in each area of their trainings. We also focus on the players character as a main piece and will train it on and off the field. Our methodology believes the kids can learn individual skills outside of a team environment. In a team setting we want to breakdown the decision making process and competence to execute those skills. Knowing the skill but not knowing when to execute it doesn’t help us with the flow of the game. Our players will be built for Character, Cognition and Competence in order to succeed in the game of soccer and life. On average our teams will train, play and be in our learning environment 25% more than other surrounding programs.

  • What league will we be playing in?

    We will put our teams in the league that are appropriate for their skill level, in general our teams will play in the CCSL. They will also play in winter futsal and indoor soccer leagues.

  • What ages accepted?

    Our club will accept 2012 through 2004 players. Our Vale Sprouts program will accept 4-7 year olds.

  • When are tryouts?

    See below for information on tryouts.

  • Where will Vale play?

    We play at Cromwell, CT fields (Cromwell Middle School, Cromwell High School, and WIS) and during the winter we play and train at Vale, 1280 Newfield St. Middletown, CT. It will be a central location for both soccer and basketball.