Vale Premier Soccer

the premier soccer club in central ct

Welcome to Vale! Our club is based out of Middletown, CT at our facility on Newfield Street with home fields in Middletown, Cromwell, and Meriden. Founded in 2018, our soccer program has grown from less than 125 players, to almost 325 players with teams at every age group and a top quality coaching staff.

Our teams play in the NECSL and the EDP Regional & State leagues which provide excellent competition and opportunities for growth and exposure.

Vale Soccer has a clear pathway through the ranks with a College Pathway Director, Chris LeGates, who finishes the player's club experiences by helping them reach that next level and understand what happens after High School.

Our soccer program offers more than almost every other club in Connecticut - Beyond Pulse HR belts, Core4 Strength & Conditioning, 3 nights of training for all 11v11 trainings and 2 training sessions throughout the year for all teams, Vale-run futsal league, college showcases also hosted by Vale, a shared and consistent curriculum, and Core Values that all of the coaches follow as much as possible!

Do You Want to Know More?

Supplemental Tryouts for any boys & girls who are looking for a team to play with this upcoming year 2021-22, we will be holding open tryouts! It's never too late! Contact or (860) 690-7135 for more information and to schedule a time to come in for an assessment.

team contact info

For anyone who would like to come in for an assessment on a rolling basis, please contact or (860) 690-7135 to set up a good time and go over program details.


Boys Team Coach Girls Team Coach
2013 Boys Nate Roberts 2013 Girls Meg Ryczek
2012 Boys AJ Hodge 2012 Girls Lloyd Warren
2011 Boys Nick Carroll & Jeremy Wilson 2011 Girls Gage Perrault
2010 Boys Billy Kissane 2010 Girls Jamie Thwaites
2009 Boys Zach Eddinger 2009 Girls Zach Eddinger
2008 Boys Jeremy Wilson 2008 Girls Jamie Thwaites
2007 Boys AJ Hodge 2007 Girls Chris LeGates
2006 Boys John Morrell 2006 Girls Sarah Martinez
2005 Boys Jonathan Murray & Jeremy Wilson 2005 Girls Billy Kissane
2004 Boys Lloyd Warren 2004 Girls Matt Cameron

Boys & Girls 2013 & 2012

2 practices/week Fall, Winter, Spring

3 tournaments

Winter Futsal

Winter FSA session

At least 2 player evaluations

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7v7 Teams

Boys & Girls 2011 & 2010

2 practices/week Fall, Winter, Spring

4 tournaments

Winter Futsal

Winter FSA session

At least 2 player evaluations

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9v9 Teams

Boys & Girls 2009 - 2004

3 practices/week Fall, Winter, Spring

4 tournaments (including Showcases)

Winter Futsal

Winter FSA session

At least 2 player evaluations

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11v11 Teams

Supplemental Tryouts

All Ages

Field/Facility Locations

Vale Sports Club - 1280 Newfield Street, Middletown, CT

Xavier High School - 181 Randolph Road, Middletown, CT

Cromwell High School - 34 Evergreen Road, Cromwell, CT

Cromwell Middle School - 6 Mann Memorial Drive, Cromwell, CT

WIS (Woodside Intermediate School) - 30 Woodside Road, Cromwell, CT

Falcon Field - 200 Westfield Road, Meriden, CT

Maloney High School - 121 Gravel Street, Meriden, CT

Platt High School - 220 Coe Avenue, Meriden, CT


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