Are You Ready to Take Your Soccer Performance to the Next Level?

The Vale Performance Institute, or VPI, provides individual and small group training opportunities to dedicated athletes who have a strong desire to bring their game to the next level. This program has been designed to enhance the athlete's cognitive ability to read the game, build strength and conditioning, improve shot speed, and hone tehcnical skill execution. Through a combination of high-tech perceptual training software, Core4 Strength & Conditioning, SAQ (speed and agility) training, and advanced skill development, the VPI provides an unparalleled training environment. This institute is unique in that it is individually focused and personally adaptive. Through baseline testing, performance tracking, and concentrated 1on1 coaching, athletes will have the tools needed to progress faster than ever before. Each session will begin with cognitive training use the state-of-the-art technology NeuroTracker, progress to personalized strength and conditioning exercises, and finish with position specific technical skills and agility training.


**The Vale Performance Institute is club-neutral. Any athlete from any club can participate in this program. Our concept is to maximize as many young athlete's potential as possible (our philosophy; "Maximize Potential in Life and Sport").**

**It is not limited to 1 person per session. If you would like to bring a friend, or a couple of friends for a group of 3 or 4, that is okay.**

**The VPI is for anyone who is willing to put in the work and motivated to become a better athlete. It is hard work and it is not easy BUT it absolutely is worth it.**

please reach out to our program director, billy, for more information or to register -



One-time Sessions
1 Session Individual = $85
1 Session Paired = $65 each player
1 Session Group of 4 = $45 each player
Training Packages
6 Session Individual-package = $75/ $450
6 Session Paired-Package = $55/ $330
6 Session Group of 4 = $40/ $240
10 Session Individual package = $70/ $700
10 Session Paired package= $50/ $500
10 Session Group of 4= $35/ $350

if you're ready to start your journey to maximizing your potential, please reach out to the vpi director, billy at: