The art of coaching

Welcome to Vale Sports Club. Our unique club is built on the fact that coaching is an art. It doesn’t matter what sport, the heart of coaching is the ability to connect. When we think about our personal lives, it is not surprising that we choose coaches that we connect with. The coaches of our youth should take on that same role. It is our belief that our players don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care about them. It is with that purpose in mind that we are intentional with every moment with our athletes. Our influence as coaches is never neutral.

Vale Culture

Our Core Focus is youth athletes in soccer and basketball and the community that they are surrounded by. We work with members who are highly motivated to get better at their craft on a daily basis. They are extremely self disciplined and interested in becoming the best they can be.

Where we roam

Our facility is a multi-purpose indoor sports facility with state-of-the-art, no rubber in-fill turf that is underneath the 3 full-size Beech Wood Courts. We have high efficiency lighting, the facility is climate controlled with air-conditioning, and it is 38,000+ square feet.

The sports we offer range from basketball, to futsal, to soccer, to volleyball and more! Core4 Fitness, one of the most well-respected fitness programs in the state, has their home out of our facility for individuals, small groups, and teams! Not only do we offer fitness and other sports, but even the basics are above the rest; we offer ample parking, a full concession stand (with beer and wine for the adults!), and even live-streaming for any event that happens here called LiveBarn.

Give us a call, or stop on by to check out one of the top facilities in the state!

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