Club Alliance

What is the Club Alliance?



The Club Alliance is passionate about and dedicated to here in the state of Connecticut both on and off the field, by aiding and assisting recreational organizations, youth clubs and travel programs who strive to provide a better soccer experience for their membership and growing the beautiful game we call soccer at every level.

The Club Alliance has divided its focus between six core areas that will have a direct benefit for both the the partner organization and the Club Alliance community, these areas include; Player Experience, Player Retention, Coach Support, Year Round Programming, Coach Retention and Club/organization Growth.

The Club Alliance is dedicated to providing year round programming for our Club Alliance partners through consistent support in training, game day and tournament experiences outside of the Spring and Fall regular seasons.

Our Winter leagues guarantee each team 7 games per session, at a single location providing a fantastic consistent experience in a neutral location.

Our tournament series not only provides tournaments and showcases during the spring and fall but also during the winter months at a single location in central CT ensuring that all Club Alliance partners have the ability to keep their membership engaged at a competitive level fall/winter/spring.


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Club Alliance Cup

Want to know more about our Annual Club Alliance Cup that's open to Travel teams and any other town programs?

Click on the link below or if you have any questions, reach out to our Club Alliance Director Jamie at