Newsletter - Coaches Corner

This holiday season I have watched the joy of Christmas through my childrens eyes, especially Alice.  We build a seasonal acitivity calendar and put it on a sliding door we have in the home, every day she checks it and is excited about what we get to do.  I feel the same way as I come to the end of the year.  Excited about what I get to do, excited about the potential and where we are headed, just excited.  We choose to be excited, we choose to be happy and we choose to enjoy the life we have.  

I have really fantastic news to share with everyone as well.  Vale is growing!  We have merged with FSCN a club that we have had a fantastic relationship with over the years.  Kyle & Ken have built a fantastic organization and Kyle will stay on as a director for the program over the coming years.  With thank Ken for everything he has done for the organization over the past 10 years.  We welcome the staff, players and families into our organization!  We hope you enjoy your experience and we can add to the fantastic programming you already have  FSCN will become Vale East after this springs tryouts.  We will add camps and clinics in the area this spring and summer.  More information to follow.  We also have started a location on the Shoreline.  Vale South.  Coach Nate Roberts launched our Grass Roots Soccer Academy programming there this winter and as we enter into session 2 we will have our first team playing out of that location.  We will continue that into the spring and be building 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 team for next fall.  Lots of growth and lots of excitement!  Lastly, and just as exciting Vale Basketball was approved to build a facility in Berlin CT, with all the growth of the organization and Ed Battle doing a fantastic job running the Basketball program we felt it was time to separate the program locations so both can continue to build out in the way they wish and become year round programs.  Basketball will be in the facility this Spring, starting in March through the summer and hope to be in their new home in September.  As you can imagine it has been busy times with tons of great things going on.

Change can be scary.  As I share this information I imagine some people are instantly flooded with questions.  How will this work, will my childs team be split up, will the fees go up, will the offerings change.  At Vale we pride ourselves on listening to the market and the development of the athletes.  We will continue to do just that.  In 2023 and beyond it is our goal to serve our membership the best that we can.  Youth Sports will continue to teach athletes a lot more about life then just the winning and losing and it is always our aim to maximize the athletes potential in life & sport. Be patient with us in this next phase but please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.  

As we close 2022 and look forward to 2023 I am immensely grateful for all the athletes, families and coaches that I get to work with.  We are blessed to work in such a fun industry that is usually the athletes favorite thing to do.  If we reflect on the year past I hope we all find ourselves proud of supporting what our players wanted to get out of the game and thinking about how we can continue to support them in the New Year.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes on this year and the next!

From my Family to yours, 

Zach Eddinger


We all got to enjoy a month of extraordinary soccer with the 2022 World Cup  taking place through November and December. An early Christmas present for all soccer fans and a taste of what to expect when the World Cup returns to the USA in its expanded format in 2026.

The showpiece final was possibly the greatest showpiece of them all. An extravaganza of footballing drama that went all the way, lurching sometimes towards France, sometimes towards Argentina. Still now it is crazy to think of the game we witnessed and the quality on the pitch. A reminder of why we love the beautiful game so much.

We got to experience a fairytale finish for Messi the maestro, whose place in footballing folklore has been assured.

There were some amazing shocks during the group stages - Japan beating Germany; Saudi Arabia humbling Argentina; Morocco finishing off Belgium. You were reminded that there is a slow but persistent "leveling-up" of abilities worldwide. That old adage that there are "no easy games" in tournament football has never been so true.

The knockout stages did not disappoint either. Endless drama and penalty kicks to decide the winners and losers. Such a fine line between teams and many shocks along the way.

The FIFA technical study group talked about many of the clear changes we are witnessing between World Cup cycles.  We saw more GK’s than ever supporting play with their feet and being used as an offensive weapon. The more traditional 9 being showcased again, Lot’s of  crosses and the art of the 1v1 on display this time around. We noticed lot’s of similarities within our targeted player profiles at Vale.

Our big focus is to continue to help players build the passion towards the game. Getting to see the emotion on the faces it was undeniable that football is the worlds game. A love for life and sport is a necssary ingredient for success as we continue to develop talent for the future. We can’t wait to share more World Cups and  more memories on the pitch  with our players as we continue to develop together.