Newsletter - Coaches Corner

Welcome back!  We are in the heat of the fall season and the teams are improving every week.  It is really fun to see.  I am excited to see the smiling faces and have really enjoyed the training environment this fall.  The fact that they are training on a good surface and no cancellations overall has been huge. I love seeing the kids hard at work and getting better.

Good is the enemy of GREAT!

I want to be good at soccer, I want to be good at school, I want to be a good friend…  Good is comfortable it is pretty easy to get to and easy to live in. 

Wesleyan is currently 6-0-1 on the season.  7 games unbeaten and number 9 in the nation.  I just sat through a 30 minutes video session with the players and a 30 minutes meeting with the coaches.  The meeting agenda - Good is the enemy of GREAT!  Why you may be asking would we be discussing this when we are succeeding.  The thing about success is that it can impede growth.  It can slow growth.  It can build complacency or comfort.  All of these things don’t get you to greatness.  Greatness requires a relentless pursuit of growth and improvement and a mentality that you never arrive.  You are never finished and there is always more that you can do.  Soccer is a finite game.  It has a start and finish, a winner and a loser and it is tracked.  You can only win against the opponent in front of you.  While that becomes important in the short term it is not the only goal.  You also have to keep an eye on the future goals.  If you are sacrificing learning today to get a result, that won’t help you get the result you want in the future.  When you get good, don’t get comfortable.

When you think about the progress of your soccer player understand that the coaches are not just pushing them to be successful today but also successful tomorrow.  We don’t want them to just win in the finite game of soccer but we also want them to win in the infinite game of life.  We want them to continue to push themselves even in their successes.  We want them to get used to going further and asking more of them because they can handle it and understand why it is important.  We want to help them learn what it takes to break past the hurdle that is currently slowing them down.  At Vale we use soccer to teach about today and tomorrow.  We hope that the players are building confidence and learning that hard work helps them improve and grow.  

This month we are extremely excited to share that we have partnered with Hartford Athletic to be a youth affiliate.  This will allow us access to the club along with a host of other things.  They are currently working on building out female playing options to go with the men and will be a fully fledged program.  This past spring saw multiple players from our club join them.  We are excited by this and feel it is a huge thing for our club!


Yours in Soccer, 

Zach Eddinger  

Welcome back!!

The start of the 2022/23 soccer calendar year has been an exciting time for the club. We started with our Carni-Vale event which allowed our community to come together and reconnect after the summer. It also allowed us to meet new teammates and coaches for the first time. It was great to see so many of you there. It really was a lot of fun. We deeply value these types of events where we bring our community together.

Our preseason training and labor day weekend events were fantastic for our players. By starting our program a little earlier this year in Mid August we have allowed our players and coaches to develop the specific game models for each zone and build the understanding needed to hit the ground running . Our 7v7 teams attended the Cheshire Jamboree and represented the club in a very positive way. For many of the players on the field it was their first competitive outing representing Vale. So many smiling faces as we took the field.

Our 9v9 and 11v11 MS teams attended the Bernie Ward tournament. This event allowed for us to challenge ourselves against local competition and provided us with a good barometer of where we are and where we need to get too. Congratulations to our 2012 Boys on being finalists and our 2010 Girls on winning the event. 

We are now hitting the mid point of the Fall season. Not only do we have our Vale players competing in the EDP leagues and doing a fantastic job but also  many Vale players who we will welcome back in november representing their High Schools  on the field. We are proud of each and every one of you. We look forward to sharing your successes with our members this Fall. 

Let’s keep crushing the Fall season. Together


Lloyd Warren