Winter In-House Recreation League

Available to players from born 2015-2012 years old, The Vale In-House program provides an opportunity to have fun, develop a sense of team and community, and learn the sport. The Vale In-House program also helps children develop problem-solving skills, and build friendships. This is a supplemental program to any town programs and is not a replacement.

All Vale In-House teams have one game and one practice per week and the program will be run by Vale Founder, Zach Eddinger!

"Vale is extremely excited to offer a one of a kind in house program this winter. This program is offered to everyone regardless of town and level of play. Each week there will be a 15 minute learning session followed by a game of 2 x 20 minute halves. Volunteer coaches will get the information prior to the session and be supported by Vale coaches. Each participant will get a shirt as well. We will make even teams after an evaluation on the first night."

- Zach Eddinger, Vale Founder/Director


Who: Boys & Girls Born 2015-2012

*We will have separate divisions for Boys & Girls

Where: Vale Sports Club, 1280 Newfield Street, Middletown

What: 1x Clinic + Games Per Week

*While the league will be run by Zach Eddinger, the program needs Volunteer Coaches who will be supported by Vale. If you're interested in learning more about this, please reach out to

Assessment Date on November 5th

All sessions on Sundays

Runs November 5th - December 17th (6 Weeks)

Only $95/player


Assessment Date on January 7th

All sessions on Sundays

Runs January 7th - March 3rd (9 Weeks)

Only $140/player